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I'm really very excited, that Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning will be soon available :) Warhammer Online is based on Warhammer fantasy war game. When i was 12 years old i played all the time in Warhammer fantasy role play (with dices). The world of this game is very big, with humans, elves, dwarfs (humans live in Brettonia, Kislev or Empire - it’s like France, Russia and England, Elves are - Wood Elves or noble High Elves, Dwarfs lives near humans in all Old World)..The Old World is a place of order but there are places where forces of darkness and destruction are spreading - far away in the north, in the deserts sands, forces of Chaos rules. Undeads, Skavens, Lidardmen or Dark Elves they and Chaos are enemies of the free world.
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is a Realm versus Realm (RvR) game with two factions: Order and Destruction. Each faction contains three separate armies, each of which is further broken down into four career choices.

Armies of Destruction
1) Dark Elves – All Dark Elf players in Warhammer are members of House Uthorin, one of the noble families of Naggaroth. Their leader, Lord Uthorin, is a master of intrigue and has his sights set on Malekith's throne.

Dark Elves Careers

Sorceress => Ranged Damage Dealer
“A Sorcerers must walk the dark paths of the Realm of Chaos, the deep pits of the oceans and the bowls of the fiery mountains in her quest for knowledge.”

Disciple of Khaine => Healer/Caster
“Few are the select chosen that survive the reveries of the Death Night. Fewer still are those who leave the Cauldron with eyes of molten brass, burning with the hatred of our Dark god.”

Witch Elves => Melee Damage Dealer
"Do not desire the touch of a Maibd, a bride of Khaine, for her life is wholly given to the Lord of Murder, and he is a jealous god, unwilling to share his chosen ones.”

2) Greenskins (Orcs and Goblins) – The Greenskins are part of the Bloody Sun Boyz, led by the Black Orc Grumlok and his Goblin Shaman Gazbag.

Greenskin Careers

Black Orc => Tank
“Sometimes, you need a lad who can take a beating and beat back. Sometimes, you need a lad with the… to face off against the big nasties.”

Shaman => Healer/Caster
“He’s got Waaagh, and he’s not afraid to use it!”

Squig Herder => Ranged DPS/Pet Controller
“Toothy, ornery and voracious…the Squig is almost as prickly as its master.”

And…In the future Choppa – melee damage dealer

3) Chaos – All Chaos players will be affiliated to Tzeentch, as that is the patron deity of the Chaos force in Warhammer – the Raven Host. Leader Tchar'zanek.

Chaos Careers

Chosen => Tank
"My name? Long ago, such worthless details fell from memory. I know only the lust for glorious battle - for blood, for victory!”

Marauder => Melee Damage Dealer
“Say what you will of us. Call us heathens because we deny your weak pretender-God. Call us savages because we strike at you. But know this – it is we who are closest to the Ruinous Powers.”

Magus => Ranged Damage Dealer
“Let mere Wizards have their simple fire. The flames of Tzeentch are by far the more subtle, the stranger, and all the more powerful for it.”

Zealot => Healer/Caster
"He is Tzeentch! The Changer of Ways! The Raven God! The Lord of Mutation! He is the master of all that changes, and the changer of all that remains!”

Armies of Order
1) Empire – The Order of the Griffon is the Empire army fighting in Warhammer, formed by Emperor Karl Franz with the blessing of the Church of Sigmar.

Empire Careers

Witch Hunter => Melee Damage Dealer
"These poor, simple folk - too fearful or too dull-witted to see the vulgarity and evil in their own midst.”

Warrior Priest => Melee/Healer
"Where is your faith on this dark day? Chaos rides against you – will you let these beasts destroy your hearths and homes, or will you trust in Sigmar and fight?”

Bright Wizard => Ranged DPS
“There is a fire within you! Deep in your mind there is a glowing ember which we will fan to life, and build into a blazing beacon. YOU will be the Empire’s greatest weapon!”
And…Knight of the Blazing Sun…soon! Tank!

2) Dwarfs – The army of the Dwarfs in WAR is known as the Oathbearers, named because of their oath of allegiance to the High King.

Dwarf Careers

Iron Breaker => Tank
“To fight an Iron Breaker is to fight an anvil. You are more likely to re-shape your weapon than to move him, and heavens forbid one should happen to land on you...”

Rune Priest => Healer/Buffer
“The Rune Priest pounds his runes and the heads of his enemies with equal enthusiasm.”

Engineer => Shooter/Hybrid
“The Engineer is the type of guy who brings a gun to a sword fight.”
And…Slayer! Melee damage dealer!

3) High Elves – In Warhammer Online, high elf characters are part of an army known as the Shining Guard, under the command of the legendary Prince Tyrion.

High Elves Careers

Swordmaster => Tank
“Enlightenment is achieved by mastering not only the body, but the soul. Only then can a warrior truly understand the value of life, and why it should be protected at all costs.”

Shadow Warrior => Ranged Damage Dealer
"Where is your faith on this dark day? Chaos rides against you – will you let these beasts destroy your hearths and homes, or will you trust in Sigmar and fight?”

Archmage => Healer
“While Lesser races must study magic in its corrupted broken form, our Mages harness its power as pure mystical energy.”

White Lion => Melee Damage Dealer
"Do not be deceived by the rugged beauty of Chrace, for behind that serene mask lies a beast like none other!”