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was added some new screen from game. So you can see how Aldorf - Capitol of the Empire, looks like when shadows of Chaos are spreading in Old World. Also you some interesting concept arts of people and builing with some info.
Some wallpaper where added with chaos warriors and video about Bright Wizard's College.
Article about zones in Warhammer Online - Reikland, a place where is Aldorf.


No, no

...this is not beauty contest, it's just troll from warhammer ( i think the best troll i ever seen - troll in Lord of the Rings was pathetic ) this one is lovely and he have great belly.

He is looking somewhere far ( like a hero or something and he thinks about something complicated - like polish forreign policy or whatever )

Pic is great :) i just love it

Another interesting pic

Yeah cannons and Rock & Roll!
On this screen from epic Warhammer On line we have prist in heave plate armor with big war hammer - he is a prist of God, Sigmar that watches over Empire.

Behind him 3 mighty, empire cannons - famous in all Old World. They have great devastating power and enemy's fear them like nothing else in the army of Empire. Is their doom itself.

I remember that in Warhammer Fantasy Battle - if was great force.

Almost every target hited by cannon was destroyed.

Bloodthrister - mighty deamon of Khorne damage was D3 - ( Dice - 1 to 3 damage)

This cannon damage was D6 ( 1-6 damage ) so heh it was disaster when your regiment was hit by this thing....

Knight Of The Blazing Sun

This is screen of Empire's Knight Of The Blazing Sun, as you see he hold powerful two - handed sword.
His armor is plate armor with golden ornamentation on it ( typical for the knights of Empire ).
His helmet is decorated with special ostrich feather.

The city is probably destoyed Praag in Kislev, but simbol of lion on the church is suggesting that it is city of the Empire.

All Old World will be in flames, soon i will post new screens from game.

After 10 days

of sign-up 200.000 players subsribe!!!Maybe Warhammer beats World of Warcraft record ( if its possible ) . In my newsletter i read about new location like Bastion stairs and first mob in this game, Slaurith. The big mean, Chaos Knight in golden- red chaos armor with double - handed chaos sword...take a look on a official site.