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Chaos Warrior continued...

and this is box with Chaos Warriors ( Games Workshop should give me some money for that commercial :P )
In box we've got, 12 great looking soldiers - every one is in pieces so you must use glue and after various technological process paint them nicely.

Tomorrow I'm going to shop - buy some paints and brush + spray for background.

Painting is great fun but you must remember some rules :
If you are using spray - use it on open space ( your garden or i don't know where but not in house ).

Your eyes must sometimes have a brake - this is important. And don't sit with paints for a long time - your lungs will be healthier. For painitg you also need one most important thing- PATIENCE - I remember, when I've had a bad day and one model was very difficult. I screw up and do something bad with this model, and then i just said - WRRAAARRH!! - and throw my cellphone in the wall. My cellphone was a history + 100 $. Ive destroyed model also heh. So to minimize your casualties - take care for good mood.

Ok thats it for now, I'm going somewhere. Anyway maybe i will write something about Warhammer-Online next time. BYE!!