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Dark Elves and High Elves

On official Warhammer Online site, were added new sides of conflict - High Elves and Dark Elves.

High Elves are one of the oldest race in Warhammer, their history and knowledge is known in all Old World. The High Elves are an ancient people with a history that spans millennia. Elves built legendary cities of silver and white marble on their island home of Ulthuan, their holy capitol. Elven scholars and explorers were the first to chart the stars and sail the world's oceans. The Elves also organized defense against the invading hordes of Chaos, beginning a terrible war that continues now in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Early in their fight against the Chaos Gods, the Elves discovered that evil emotions such as rage, fear, and greed serve to fuel the power of Chaos (or Ruinous Power – Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeench). Since that time, the High Elves have struggled to keep their intense passions tightly under control. Though intelligent and enlightened, all Elves have the capacity for violence. In order to suppress this dangerous aspect of their psyche, the lords of Ulthuan continually strive to eliminate all these emotions; in High Elf society, to surrender to anger is to show weakness. Currently the High Elves live by a regimen of special rules and codes and embrace a way of life that emphasizes balance and inner harmony. Elven Mage's are most powerful and only Chaos Magus can stand against, high elf mage.

Magic is the lifeblood of the High Elves. With millennia to hone their skills, it is little wonder that the Mages of Ulthuan are among the most powerful user of magic in the world. Their thoughtful, approach to the study of combat, coupled with their patience and mental discipline makes the High Elves deadly warriors, as well. On the battlefield, High Elf swordsmen are graceful, lithe, and lethal when they find a weakness in their enemies. High Elves forces are maybe small but every warrior or mage, have amazing skills and magical power.

In Warhammer Online, Dark Elf society emphasizes selfishness, and pride – they seek for pleasure, money and power. They are opposite to High Elves by every single thing. They have little regard for one another and even less for the other races of the world, which they see as potential slaves or victims. Dark Elves are Elves corrupted by Chaos, when Chaos spread for the first time across Old World....

Long ago, when Chaos was first unleashed, the Elven champion Aenarion drew the dread Sword of Khaine from its altar and used its evil power to save his people from certain doom. When Aenarion died, his son Malekith was deemed unsuitable for the throne. Although he was a mighty warrior, a marvelous sorcerer, a wise general; many Elves opposed his coronation as king and leader. They feared he was too focused on war and to unstable to be a leader. In retaliation, over many years Malekith start a bloody civil war that divided the race of Elves into 2 faction – High Elves and Dark Elves.

It was the High Elves who won that struggle and drove the evil Dark Elves out from the home of their race. Under the leadership of Malekith the Witch King, the Dark Elves sailed across the Great Western Ocean and founded a new kingdom in the northern reaches of the New World. After many years, they created kingdom of violence, evil, slavery and dark magic. This dark land they called “Naggaroth”, meaning “land of chill”…If you travel there and you are not Dark Elf, you will die…

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