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New proffessions in Warhammer Online!

on official Warhammer Online site, we can discover, absolutely new classes for Elves!High or Dark?what side you pick?
If Dark Elves, you can be powerful, and scary Black Guard with big halberd, or Witch Elf who can stab anyone in back, with terrible amount of damage.
(on screen ...nice ..!)
If you are good and nice, and you just love flowers, moonlight etc. this mean that you are women and best choice for you are High Elves.

Archmage is powerfull mage who can cast spells like no one else. He's got fancy hat, good looking robes and staff.
If you hate Harry Potter you can pick Sword Master - real mean guy with big sword. He is so good in swords - that he can dance with them!He is Elven tank also and his specialty is quick attack.

This new profession are very interesting but its only half of profession for elfs in Warhammer.
When producers add rest, i will write about that.