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Hi. About Warhammer nothing new, except some information from Monday now and last week.
Anyway first news is that at China joy - biggest gaming expo, Warhammer Online was elected as "Best Foreign Online Game". Its nice that our brothers from China also amazed by EA new product.
Second thing is that yahoo games picked Warhammer Online as a MMORPG, which is enough interesting to take World of Warcraft crown. We will see anyway ;)
Ok that it about Warhammer Online now > Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Now after few months, ive got huge collection of miniatures of course - Chaos Army. After i bought, few boxes of Chaos Cavalery ( knight on mighty chaos steeds) and Marauders for my army i looking for another miniatures - special characters. Ive got Crom the conqueror ( look on this picture ;) and Arbaal the Undefeated. They are both very powerful and can stop entire regiment. For my army i need one more special character to complete - for now - my list. After that i can fight up to 3000 battle points. If you want to take a look on miniatures, go to Games Workshop official site or take a look on Warhammer Mark of Chaos - miniatures are the same. Mighty Chaos infantry and cavalry, in heavy chaos army its all that i want :P. Game is ok but i think is something missing, maybe when expansion pack will be released, game will be more playable? We will see.

Concept arts gallery

after i checked official site i was "punched in head" by beauty of concept arts. Landscapes, characters, monsters and daemons, towns and weapons are perfect - i didn't see anything like this before. If you are interested copy this link:



Warhammer Online will be really great game, i just can't wait to create my character and discover this new MMORPG. As game lover I played in games like Lineage, World of Warcraft, Maple Story and other and I really like these games.

If you are looking for blog about Warhammer Online, visit my! I will be very glad if you check out this website from time to time.

See you!