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Bad news...

according to official site, premiere of Warhammer Age of Reckoning is moved to third quarter of 2008 :( its not for 100% sure that our Warhammer Online will be released then...its possible that on the end of 2008. This sounds really bad...
Maybe one thing is optimistic, they will spend more time to deliver ultimate quality product for us. Anyway im not happy. To kill time i will play more in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Week ago i organized great and successful - giant battle with 6 armies. I with my chaos army + my bud Pete and his dark elves + undead legion of Al vs freak army of little Dwarves ( how sad :D ) of my bud Alex ( yeah im sorry too :D ) + army of Brettonian knights ( and they said "NI") - Pete S. + army of notorious high elves.
This WAS REAL MASSACRE, EVIL AND ITS BEST :D anyway thanks for trying.
About Warhammer Online i will cook something another time!
bye bye