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Warhammer : Orcs & Goblins - Greenskins

They are primitive creature, with brutality in their veins they fight with everyone including themself. Orcs are big, strong and dumb and goblins are small, evil and cunning. Orc only fights, goblin can be shaman or talented engineer..or maybe im going to far with this "talented" :P...anyway it's not important.

First class i want to bring you closer is Black Orc class. Its simply warrior class. Why Black Orc?because toughest orcs are black not green > they change skin color. anyway Black Orc is very big and ferocious warriors bla bla bla....they've got armor with spikes, shield with spikes and giant chopa weapon ( trash- metal thing )

Second class is Orc choppa is fast and brutal warrior who is fighting extremely efficient if is long in combat ( like Dwarven > Hammerer < ) his power is growing and growing up.

Third class is Goblin Shaman, little green cunning magic goblin...as you may already know goblins are talented Shamans and can really hit you with powerful spell ( i remember them from Warhammer : Dark Omen or from Warhammer Fantasy Battle - spell like Ghorka Stomp can kill your smile in a second ;P ) anyway in Warhammer Online they can heal everyone in the party or cast something evil on enemies. Is up to them.

Last one is Orc Squig Herder - this guy is someone who is using bow and something called Squig - giant, pink-something-with-teeth