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Chaos classes

Now i want to add few words about - in my opinion - the most interesting side of conflict - Chaos! I’m not so happy about fact that only Tzeentch is in Warhammer Online, I wish to play as Khorne, Chosen or Nurgle champion... But game creators created 4 career for only one god of Chaos so we’ve got: Chosen, Zealot, Magus and Marauder.

Chosen is big, strong and well armored warrior who is master of combat. A Chosen Champion of Tzeentch is looking like warped by the blessings of the dark gods, these gigantic humans have the power and size to match even the strongest of all mortal creatures. High level chosen can use Winds of Magic. Tzeentch expects his Champions to be both deadly and lethal warriors and smart tacticians. As a result, Chosen who excel in these areas are granted profane gifts. Above all else, as a Chosen, will seek the pride of Tzeentch. Chosen is seeking out greater glory in the eyes of the Raven God by playing a crucial role in his horrible schemes and evil manipulations. Tzeentch is choosing only the smartest and strongest as exalted champions.

Only death - either yours or theirs - brings any hope of respite from the fear and confusion that the Chosen inspire and the devastation they wreak on the battlefield.

Another interesting class is, Magus, but he is basically warlock of chaos but...he is using something called Disc of Tzeentch - powerful daemon creature who can fly fast on the battlefield. A Magus of Tzeentch is a devoted follower of the Raven God, and has spent his entire lifetime studying pure sorcery with a fevered intensity. Desperate for even a bare glimpse of Tzeentch's great plan, the Magus has learned through his research that Tzeentch's daemonic minions are creations and reflection of the Great Changer, and he focuses his search for knowledge obsessively on this fact - for perhaps, by understanding the servant, he may better understand the master. Magus magic is offensive and he can deal gigantic damage in short time - he must be putted to sleep very fast - if you want to live. His defensive abilities are weak so, everyone playing this vulnerable ranged damage dealer must stay away from any possible threat. As a Magus, the primary tactical questions you must answer in battle are which of your abilities will be most effective, and where best to apply them.

All manner of Daemons are counted amongst the numbers of the Raven Host, but the Magus uses the power of only 1 such monster and powerful Disc of Tzeentch. He is forever bound to this living platform…

Zealot is another Chaos career in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The Chaos Gods have many rewards to offer their human followers (no only humans) and enemies alike - some of them are…well scary and very terrible, but some of them powerful indeed. Zealots are among the most devout of the followers of the gods of Chaos, and as such it is they who are called upon to convey the will of the powers to their minions.

The Zealot deals in symbols. He channels the power of his master through fetishes and totems, and can place the symbols of Chaos on allies and enemy alike. All glyphs placed on Chaos's loyal followers are called Marks.

My favorite class in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning! Marauder homelands are the frozen roof of the world, called “Norsca” home to various northern tribes known as the Norse. Born in that hostile land, cold and deadly for anyone; Norsemen are universally strong – gifted with ferocity and almost supernatural strength. As favored warriors of Tzeentch, Marauders are granted the Gift of Change in its purest form. As their bloodlust rises in anticipation of the violence of battle or pillaging, the energy of Chaos itself courses through the Marauder.

As a Marauder, only goal is to unleash the pure power of Change into the world. Feel the power of Chaos course through body, changing from a fearsome warrior into something even more deadly…If you are ready, charge on your enemies and have no mercy!