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Take a look on new video from EA Mythic. You can see, how Warhammer Online look in Realm vs. Realm. After watching this video I think, game is looking very similar to World of Warcraft. Avatars are similar, buffs and even colors. Now it’s question, what kind of innovation game has to win struggle with Wow? I don’t know much about game, but I think game isn’t fresh. We are all waiting on special MMO RPG which will crush the glory of World of Warcraft. As an ex-WoW gamer I really want to see WoW destruction :P I don’t know why – I just feel hate when I watch these sweet candy looking videos on YouTube and excited noobs…blaaah…

Anyway even so I like very much Warhammer world so I will buy Warhammer Online even its crappy to find out more about this game. I always dreamed to play as powerful Chaos Warrior, wielding deadly weapon in armor of Dark Gods! I got in my special place all coolest chaos miniatures my friends ;-). I got whole army of Chaos, with Greater Daemon of Khorne – Bloodthirster, powerful Engrim Van Horstman on his Chaos Dragon or Archaon Lord of the End Times (Archaon is the most powerful Chaos Lord in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle – hope to meet him in the game;-)). Of course I have large regiments of Chaos Warriors, Chaos Marauders, Chaos Knights and Chaos Marauders on steeds, several Chaos Spawns, several Chaos Chariots, Slaanesh Daemonette and powerful Chaos Cannon (oh yeah with this kinda weaponry, you can smash everone).

Anyway lets talk about Warhammer Online. Well, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning! This title will be hot I tell ya! We find out more later :-)

See you again