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Warlord Tchar'zanek, Leader of the Chaos Army

Today i want to bring you closer, first army leader from Warhammer Online: AoR, i've got info about him from newsletter ;-). First is most dangerous warlord of Chaos, Tchar'zanek, “Champion of Tzeentch and leader of a vast, black army of Northmen and Daemonic creatures of Chaos”. This dark servant of evil god Tzeentch is most terryfing and powerful from all champions of Chaos, " warhost charges southward from the icy wastes of Norsca to bring bloodshed and terror to the lands of the Empire". He is not only great warrior but also powerful sorcerer and skilled tactic (like other champions of Tzeentch ). What’s his plan?"....and if his master plan is successful, the lands of men will be forever changed into a blasphemous Realm of Chaos"...and that’s all about him from newsletter,...