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What about reviews about Warhammer Online? Well I've found some information about that on wikipedia and i can say that Warhammer was acclaimed very well:

1UP.com B
Eurogamer 8/10
GameSpot 8.5/10
GameSpy 5/5
PC Gamer UK 8.8/10
PC Gamer US 9/10

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
Game Rankings 87%(based on 18 reviews)
Metacritic 88%

Few days ago has been released new patch for Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online, small review

Hi guys! So we are after premiere of Warhammer Online :-) i was really sucked up by this great mmo, EA Mythic created top quality MMO for everyone. Now we are able to fight against other players in extreme player-vs.-player battles in special scenarios or fight on contested territory in a never-ending struggle for supremacy.

I was thinking long time which character is best for the beginning and after few hours i finally.. Became blood-thirsty, savage Marauder of Chaos! My other option was Chosen of Chaos or Witch Hunter, but powerful melee dps, Marauder was best choice (of course in my opinion).
Ok so what is so cool in Warhammer Online? First of all i like it that every item is without any durability! Yeah it's maybe a detail but i was sometimes really frustrated during the game when i was on some kind of raid and half of my inventory was broken. NO MORE!

Another thing is very dynamic combat. Everything in Warhammer Online is faster then in other MMORP games. I played a lot in World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 and Lord of the Rings Online and i never fought as fast as in Warhammer Online.

Last things are scenarios and Public Quest. It's very good idea and i think playing with other players never has been so easy, now players can hang around in scenarios or at Public Quests and have a lot of fun, grinding together! There is a lot of scenarios in Tiers 1-4, from large ones to smaller one with more intensive PvP action (i think these scenarios are the best to farm renown points fast).

My character is called Bloodthirster and I'm currently rank 26. Leveling is kinda a fun, but the most fun is to play on Realm vs Realm areas where you need to siege castle and lock (or dominate) zone with other players of your faction. If you succeed it, you will earn renown reward - around 3,500 renown points - which is quite large amount of these points…