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Welcome! The Heavy Metal event has begun and we are able to play little bit sooner as the Knight of The Blazing Sun and The Blackguard. Yupi! Also some info for NOOBS! Well if you want to go AFK while doing Public Quest areas or during keep battles - you will no longer receive contribution credit towards those encounters! Yeah that true and this is part of Patch 1.0.5! Another cool thing is that players will no longer appear mounted when they are not. Yeah they are fast..i know this bug around 3 months or something...

Anyway latest patch is little bit small, there is also improvement: several issues have been addressed that previously allowed players to get to locations they were not supposed to be able to reach. Also this one is good for anyone

And in this movie, our friend, Paul Barnett is telling us details about Knight of the Blazing Sun. Knight is looking quite cool in his gold armor and gold everywhere fancy look :D just listen Paul he's knows!

Anyway I'm still leveling my dear Bloodthirster, powerful Marauder of Chaos. I'm not interested in Black Guard or Knight of the Blazing Sun, because playing as a tank is far less interesting then playing as dps. Of course you can use doublehanded weapons and be spec like dps, but I already picked my favorite character :-)