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Warhammer Online Land of the Dead and Bioware attack!

Welcome! As you already know, few weeks ago has been released special free expansion for Warhammer Online, Land of the Dead. Well, I already been there and I'm little bit disappointed, because this new area is small and you need only few hours to discover most of it.

In comparision with Lord of the Rings Online: Shadow of Angmar, where Turbine added enormous areas like Forochel, Land of the Dead is kinda microscopic - “much ado about nothing”. I don't want to be cruel, but if Mythic want to popularize Warhammer Online, this kinda way, well Warhammer will fall soon.
I was very excited when I read about other thing, that Bioware will be involved in Warhammer Online, and this probably best thing I read this year!!!(related to Warhammer Online of course..)

I hope that this way, Warhammer Online change into better online MMORPG, because EA Mythic well, they they are lack of ideas.