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I've found lately very interesting post on Werit blog, where author writes about what Warhammer Online need. I think it is safe to say most WAR players want Mythic to release an expansion soon. What does WAR need to do in a hypothetical expansion?

According to his blog, first important part is...

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will be attacked by Skavens! Yeas rodents will attack everything on their way as a new race! While last year was technically the Year of the Rat, the rodents seem to have taken over this year as well in the form of the Skaven. All were excited when it was first announced that Warhammer Online would at last feature new, fancy Skaven race, even there would be certain limitations…. Like other races, the Skaven have 4 classes unique to them. Warlock Engineers deploy boost magic & action points equipment while fielding powerful effects borne of Warp, Gutter Runners (ninja dps or something) stay in the shadows & sabotage fortifications, Rat Ogres (tanks or something like that) can sow confusion and panic with their strong frames, and Pack Masters support the nearby Rat Ogres and spur their comrades forward! Yeah Warhammer Online rule!

More Renown Ranks! As you probably know, the Renown Rank cap is 80 and a bunch of gamers have reached it (farmers...). Mr Werit - In an expansion, this cap should be raised by 20 to 100 and he suggests that best reward is a new tactic slot would be an excellent reward. In my opinion rising to level 100 Renown Rank is too much. Maybe to 90 is a lot better idea, but I can’t tell you much how much renown our characters get in future expansion. If more, I say – hell they should rise to 100! Mythic is also adding the Doomflayer (RR 90) and Warpforged (RR 100) sets. The set bonuses for these upcoming shinnies are currently still in development and not yet set-in-stone, however this should give everyone a great idea of what to expect as I doubt we’ll see them change too much from what they look like right now.

Author has also another good idea, when expanding the RR cap you must keep all the low level folks in mind (casual players). In order to help them keep up, I envision a new loot drop which gives X amount of renown. I think this idea is really awesome and will helps many players with very dull renown rank leveling.

These sets are found on the standard token-based armor vendors in your Capital City, however they are purchased with new tokens. These new tokens are:

=> Captain’s Medallions
=> Doomflayer Crests
=> Warpforged Crests

One can only assume they are earned in the new Dungeon or by killing Skaven-players in RvR.
He also suggest New Crafting – they should also fix old one, because crafting system is bad, More Guild Ranks – now guild can achieve rank 40 and of course - New RvR Zones. This is the big feature of the expansion.

I really hope that Mythic in expansion will add this kind of content...oh yeah I really do...