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WAR patch 1.3.4

Welcome on my blog! According to latest news we will witness new patch for the Warhammer Online very soon. 1.3.4 Warhammer update should be on the test servers by the first week of February.

WAR Update will introduce an entire new line of weapons earned via Realm vs. Realm, change some of scenarios (they want to remove all less popular ones), and add a change to the way the campaign functions (hurraaay!!!!)

Weapons changes – all new weapons will be purchasable via a vendor with completely new currency system earned via Scenario game play from tiers 1-4. Sound fantastic right? I just can’t wait to change my weapon, because I’m using good but old Scalebreaker Mallet (60 DPS, +32 strength, +11 initiative, +23 toughness, +3 critical chance and talisman slot) – I know its great weapon for Marauder but I need something far more deadly than this one. My latest drop is nice weapon from Warlord Quests, which is Crusher of the Unending Violence (63 DPS, + 39 strength, + 24 wounds, + 21 melee power + talisman slot). These new upcoming weapons will be probably so hard to get that we will need more than 4 months of farming to get one of them. Farming, farming, farming…it’s all about farming and subscription…anyway let’s get back to our subject.

Campaign changes – Another interesting change is that once a Contested City flips into the Captured state (or Stage 2 – it’s the same thingy) the Open RvR Campaign will restart. Then we must decide, return and defend our realm or kill king/finish Warlord Quests? I think it’s good idea – no more Order blocking the way to king ;-) or vice versa!!!

Scenarios changes – they will completely change the current structure of Scenarios by removing some of the less popular and streamlining the tiering of Scenarios.
Sound cool right? Well, I just can’t wait for more and more action! Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is kinda best MMO RPG available!

See you again!