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WAR patch 1.3.5

Welcome! Our friends from Mythic are working very, very hard under 1.3.5 patch for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. In upcoming version 1.3.5, both Contested Altdorf and Contested Inevitable City “will be receiving a massive overhaul”. One of the hottest changes are connected to endgame campaign in WAR. The endgame content for the Campaign, after this patch will be 100% RvR-driven.
Check out some of changes in 1.3.5
General Information

- All PVE instances within the Contested city will be disabled
- City sieges will now be a 24 versus 24 battle.
- Defenders and Invaders will both have a chance to get some of the best items available in the game, including our most favorite Sovereign equipment! Oh yeah I love this item set haha
- City sieges will now last a maximum of 2 hours.

- All present at the conclusion of any Stage within the Contested City will have a reward lockout timer applied to character. This reward lockout timer will force us to opt out of Public Quest loot for that specific Stage for the duration of the timer. Gamers will be able to be part of Contested City battle even if you have a reward lockout applied to our avatars and rewarded with spoils in the form of Crests.

- The Contested City after the setup phase will have all 3 Stages reward lockout timers applied to our avatars. This is to discourage gamers from leaving a Contested City battle midway through if it appears his or her Realm is going to lose the struggle.

I picked the most important ones. You can check out all patch notes on official website

When this fantastic patch will be released? Is being released now!I’m thinking about break from Warhammer Online 2-3 months without WAR should be very nice for me. What is interesting, Mythic dudes are talking about mutation changes connected to my sweet career - Marauder to make him dual-wield class – as you probably know, now Marauder off hand is “mirror” of his main hand. Is it worthy? Why not? After that I have to farm another weapon and I hate scenarios! Scenarios are good nice but when you need to farm around 800 of them to achieve your goal it's really pointless. After few hundreds Reikland Factory I’m really sick when I see this scenario...

See you again on my weblog!