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Malekith The Witch King -Leader of the Dark Elf Army

Another great leader is Malekith, The Witch King of Naggaroth. This evil, filled with rage Dark Elf is trained in the Dark Arts by his Sorceress mother Morathi. He hates aboce all things, High Elves, in Ulthuan he plot against his rivals to crush them with great force. Malekith, the Witch King of Naggaroth or Witch King of the Druchii is the supreme commander of the Dark Elf army. From his capital city at Naggarond he dispatches the dreaded Black Arks with one goal in mind - the complete and utter capitulation and subjugation of the High Elves. In the setting of WAR, the "Age of Reckoning", Malekith was the primary instigator of the titanic conflict and is the force behind the sudden rise to power of Grumlok and Gazbag.

Son of Morathi and Aenarion, the first Phoenix King, Malekith grew up to be a genius in all fields of war. When his father died and he was snubbed, in favour of Bel-Shanaar, he left on a long campaign against Chaos. After returning, Malekith initiated a plot to seize the throne, but his plans were foiled and his people split in two: the High Elves and the Dark Elves. Malekith has spent the last five thousand years as the Witch King of Naggaroth, where he has launched several failed campaigns to regain his lands.

Malekith is the architect of the Age of Reckoning; he gave special magic talismans to Orc & Goblin Leaders - GRUMLOK AND GAZBAG. Grumlok is an Orc Warboss, and Goblin Shaman is named Gazbag. Together they control the Greenskin army in the Age of Reckoning. He is using an amulet which greatly enhances his big strength, allowing him to dominate the Greenskin tribes in the Badlands to create a huge Waaagh! Which was able to conquer the Dwarf stronghold of Karak Eight Peaks – this was terrible and shocking for all Dwarves in Old World. He and Gazbag are said to be inseparable and very powerful. One is cunning, wise, wielding powerful magical force (Gazbag), second is strong, almost invulnerable green Warlord.
In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Grumlok was a very strong warlord, but still hindered by his own nature and driven by instinct to kill all enemies around him instead of focus his forces on one single goal. Everything changed once and for all when he was taken to the court of Malekith the Witch king and given his magical amulet. Where he was very strong before, now he is deadly like no one other and almost invulnerable for any attacks, and his comrade, the shaman Gazbag was now an unstoppable channel of the power of Waaaaaaagh! With these tools he was put into his place in Malekith's plan to occupy the Dwarfs. Both are used by Malekith, Grumlok and Gazbag to unite the Greenskin tribes and destroy their ancient stunted enemies – Dwarves. Cunning plan isn’t it right?

His companion, Gazbag is a Goblin Shaman, and is joint leader of the Bloody Sun Boyz with the Orc Warboss Grumlok. He is using magical amulet given by Malekith, within which the witch king had infused a spell of command that would control both of green dudes - Gazbag & Grumlok - to gather their tribe and march east into the World's Edge Mountains; in addition, it greatly amplifies the wearer's abilities.

I'm really waiting to play Dark Elven, Black Guard or Assassin. They look very cool. In fact it's my favorite race, second is Chaos and later Orcs and Goblins...

Warlord Tchar'zanek, Leader of the Chaos Army

Today i want to bring you closer, first army leader from Warhammer Online: AoR, i've got info about him from newsletter ;-). First is most dangerous warlord of Chaos, Tchar'zanek, “Champion of Tzeentch and leader of a vast, black army of Northmen and Daemonic creatures of Chaos”. This dark servant of evil god Tzeentch is most terryfing and powerful from all champions of Chaos, " warhost charges southward from the icy wastes of Norsca to bring bloodshed and terror to the lands of the Empire". He is not only great warrior but also powerful sorcerer and skilled tactic (like other champions of Tzeentch ). What’s his plan?"....and if his master plan is successful, the lands of men will be forever changed into a blasphemous Realm of Chaos"...and that’s all about him from newsletter,...